The loomings are coming

Posted: September 9, 2014

The latest blog posting from 2013 Solo show prizewinner Sarah Gillett.

Image by Sarah Gillett

Image by Sarah Gillett

I have started seeing meteorites everywhere;  little interruptions or interventions in the pattern of life. In oil spills on tarmac, in ruins, in dirt splashes on train windows, in shattered mirrors.

Recently I walked past Tate Britain in London and spent ages studying the bomb-blasted, shell-shocked walls, damaged in the Second World War. Remnants of broken time, like a stopped clock.

I see these ‘loomings’ as occupying both fixed and hypothetical spaces, like the noonday shadow. At noon, objects cast a shadow on themselves, the shadow and the object becoming indivisible, two versions combined. The loomings have a physical reality, but when is this? Their presence is layered into my work before the event, during the event and after the event, as I alter old postcards and tapestries to shift perspectives. Like my shadow in the picture, the loomings are coming, but they have already left their trace.


The Loomings

4th Oct – 2nd Nov 2014

Margate Gallery

2 Lombard St




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